Performance Writing

Paul has written for stage and screen for twenty years. Check out some highlights.

You’re the Man – play, La Mama Theatre, Carlton Courthouse, 4 September to 15 September 2024. Buy tickets.

You’re the Man is an urgent journey into the stark reality of family violence. Directed by Theresa Borg and co-produced with Monstrous Theatre, You’re the Man challenges justifications men make for their behaviour and seeks paths of healing for victim-survivors.

My Coffin Lid, My Shield – Spoken word/music album, 2019

With Simon Mason, I wrote and recorded this album of spoken word and songs . . . Listen Here

Ragdoll – Dramatic monologue, La Mama Theatre, Carlton, 2014

I wrote a dramatic monologue about patricide that Silas Aiton performed as part of the Melbourne Writers’ Theatre’s ‘Dark-Light’ season of short plays . . . Watch Here

Being a Wheel Family – Comedy show, Fringe Festival, 2013

I wrote and performed this show about a family of working-class poets . . . Watch Here

Elemental – Melbourne International Arts Festival, 2009

With poets alicia sometimes, Sean Whelan and Emily Zoe Baker, I was part of this science- meets-poetry-and-music show at the Melbourne Planetarium . . . Read More

As if Nothing is Happening. And it is. – Spoken word/music album, 2006

As Jumbuktu, I wrote and recorded this album of spoken word and music with Bill Buttler . . . Listen Here