Paul has published six books and his seventh, a collection of poetry, is forthcoming from Puncher and Wattmann in 2023.

“It’s calming and heartening to watch a father quietly sift his daily life for what is sacred.” – Helen Garner, author Monkey Grip, This House of Grief.

“A treasure chest of wisdom and experience,” Michael McGirr, author Ideas to Save Your Life.

“Mitchell’s writing is challenging, exhilarating and touched with a deep sense of humanity,” Tony Birch, author of Blood and The White Girl.

“Mitchell is a terse and observant writer, as alive to the particulars of Aussie idiom and experience as Tim Winton, but less showy . . . It’s hard to write about the thwarts and flaws of conventional masculinity without coming across as either too harsh or too sentimental. Mitchell succeeds in doing so.” – The Age.

“Mitchell is by turns colloquial and mystical and often both . . . Mitchell’s work is generous and never lets his poet-speaker off too lightly – not for him the easy ironies of poet as observer.” – The Australian.

“Paul Mitchell’s new book has a cleanness of line and a generosity of vision. When reading through Standard Variation Neruda’s expression ‘fully empowered’ comes to mind.” – Kevin Hart, poet, philosopher and theologian.

“Paul Mitchell is working in the territory inhabited by artists as diverse as Tim Winton, Raymond Carver and Bruce Springsteen . . . As with them, Mitchell is interested in the powerless, the inarticulate and the struggling – people who don’t really understand how their lives could have turned out this way and don’t quite know how to talk about it.” – The Australian

“Mitchell’s style is astonishingly authoritative, and he shows flashes of genius as he tries to articulate the almost inexpressible on behalf of characters whose voices . . . we don’t often hear. Like Charles Bukowski and, more recently, Geoff Goodfellow, there is deep emotion here – pent up and urgent.” – Overland

“There is something edgy and explosive about these poems, and about the process of reading them . . . sharply satirical and funny . . .”- Overland

“[His] satirical and political interests show he is a poet of engagement. Ultimately, though, Mitchell’s project is extra-political, seeking to engage the world through a spirituality that may, or may not, be conventionally religious . . . a poetry of approaches rather than the predetermined.”- Australian Book Review

“If poems were nails I would want Paul Mitchell to build my house.” – Kevin Brophy, poet and Emeritus Professor of Creative Writing, University of Melbourne.

“Like [Bruce] Dawe, Mitchell finds beauty in the most seemingly mundane subjects.” – Cordite.